category: graphic-design, illustration, typography
client: Lauren Hall
Way of the WarriorWay of the WarriorWay of the Warrior

Way of the Warrior

Chavutti Thirumal, literally meaning foot pressure and also known as Foot/Rope massage, is a traditional Indian massage technique developed by the Kalari Martial Artists of Kerala India. The client is the only trainer of this modality in Australia. She wanted her workshop imagery to stand alone and pay homage to Bodhidharma who is thought to have created this technique approximately two thousand years old. The font illustration and artwork embody the heritage of this technique.  The font title ‘Chavutti Thirumal’was designed to reflect sanskrit writing, and was used as the artwork on the cover of an information pack along with the company logo, whereas the collage of images were used as the artwork that appeared at the back of the booklet.  It was a very unique design that was based on the movie posters of the 70’s and 80’s.